Comparison of gluteus maximus and hamstring electromyographic activity and lumbopelvic motion during three different prone hip extension exercises in healthy volunteers

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Comparison of gluteus maximus and hamstring electromyographic activity and lumbopelvic motion during three different prone hip extension exercises in healthy volunteers

Objective: To compare the surface electromyography (EMG) amplitude of the hip joint, including the gluteus maximus (GM), biceps femoris (BF), and semitendinosus (ST) muscles generated by three different exercises: prone hip extension (PHE), prone table hip extension (PTHE), and prone table hip extension with 90° knee flexion (PTHEK), with compensatory pelvic motions.

Design: Repeated-measure within-subject intervention.

Participants: Sixteen-healthy males (mean age = 23.4 ± 2.2 years).

Main outcome measures: EMG was used to collect EMG signals from the GM, erector spinae (ES), BF, and ST muscles. Furthermore an electromagnetic tracking motion analysis was also performed to measure the compensations.

Results: EMG amplitude differed significantly among the three conditions (PHE vs. PTHE vs. PTHEK) (p < 0.05). The mean GM muscle activity increased significantly during the PTHEK (70.93% and 13.75% increases in %MVIC compared with the PHE and PTHE, respectively) (p < 0.01). However, there was no significant difference in the kinematic data for rotation or anterior tilting angle of the pelvis among the three conditions (p > 0.05).

Conclusions: These results suggest that the PTHEK can be recommended as an effective method to strengthen the GM muscle without increased BF or ES muscle activities and without compensatory pelvic motions.

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Aircraft batteries: current trend towards more electric aircraft

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Aircraft batteries: current trend towards more electric aircraft

Competition in the aircraft industry market and global warming has driven the industry to think along economic and environmental lines. This has resulted in the emergence of more electric aircraft (MEA). The increase in the power demand of aircraft, especially in the last two decades, coupled with advancement in battery materials and technology has led to the development of many high energy density batteries. This study presents an overview of the battery systems for MEA. In this paper, a study on the battery technologies used in aircraft in the last five decades is being done. A general background of the battery system is presented and the performance of the batteries based on energy densities and low temperature capabilities are evaluated and discussed. Evolution of MEA with its power system architecture and load profile is presented to understand the requirements of the battery system. Weight saving and cost analysis is done for the Li-ion and Ni-Cd batteries with respect to the requirement of an MEA `Aircraft X'. Battery management system (BMS) for Li-ion batteries is also explored and discussed. Based on the analysis, Li-ion battery is selected and integrated with the power distribution DC network for future MEA.
Date of Publication: 18 May 2017
DOI: 10.1049/iet-est.2016.0019
Publisher: IET

برچسب ها: Aircraft batteries ، current trend towards ، electric aircraft ،
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High-Level Design of Wireless Sensor Networks for Performance Optimization Under Security Hazards

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High-Level Design of Wireless Sensor Networks for Performance Optimization Under Security Hazards

The increasing complexity of current wireless sensor networks requires efficient methodologies to fulfill the strict constraints typically imposed in terms of power consumption and system performance. Furthermore, security issues are also becoming key features due to their impact on system behavior. As a consequence, new design frameworks are required to enable developers to model and address security risks from the very beginning of the WSN design process, while optimizing system performance. For this purpose, this article presents a design framework for modeling and simulating WSNs under external attacks. In this framework, the WSN is specified by using UML/MARTE models, from which automatic code generation enables fast, host-compiled simulation. The resulting information enables early detection of weaknesses in WSN designs and simplifies further exploration of design solutions. Minor modifications in the UML models are sufficient to automatically simulate and evaluate each design alternative in an iterative way. As a result, designers can develop more secure and optimized WSN systems with reduced design times and effort.

CCS Concepts: Networks Network performance modeling; Network security;• Computer systems organization Sensor networks; Embedded systems; Computing methodologies Modeling and simulation;

Additional Key Words and Phrases: Wireless sensor networks, network attacks, native simulation, UML/MARTE

ACM Reference format:

Pablo Peñil, Alvaro Díaz, Hector Posadas, Julio Medina, and Pablo Sánchez. 2017. High-Level Design of Wireless Sensor Networks for Performance Optimization Under Security Hazards. ACM Trans. Sen. Netw. 13, 3, Article 19 (July 2017), 37 pages. 

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Link Exchange تبادل لینک

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